Sclerotica came back and invites you to join her in a trip along the world of the five senses

I have already written about it years ago. Like we learnt as children, we know that our relationship with the world is dominated by five magic entities that sometimes are a bit nasty: our senses. Through taste, touch, hearing, smell and sight we give life to our experiences. If we are unable to fully use one or more of them our perception of reality will be incomplete and less enthusiastic. 

The dear travel mate, Sclerosis, decided to prove us observing how we could handle the lost of sight, speech, smell, touch sensations or hearing. She is basically making us experience a different world.
She is the dear sadist who plays with our senses.

From now on I will dedicate few posts only to the world of senses. However, do not forget that Sclerotica, as well as ms, is a bit naïve so the stories that I will tell you will never be linear and simple. They will also talk about phenomena of senses fusion namely of fascinating synaesthesia.

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